Yoga Dance

 'Do you like to strengthen and stretch you body, but also really enjoy moving your body to music?' 
Then this is the right thing for you.

Yoga Dance is a wonderful combination of Yoga and Dance.
The intention for this body movement practice is to consciously move your body in different Yoga positions. Here we use the Sun salutations from the Vinyasa Yoga flow as a base to come into movement. Once we have moved and woken up our body through the Yoga practice we will gradually move into a free dance flow, that can be a combination of free dancing and Yoga positions, a free intuitive dance or maybe even relaxing movements on the ground. You can feel into your body and let your body be taken by the music.

The Yoga Dance practice will mostly be woven into our Day Workshops and Retreat weekends, that contain a combination of Dance and Yoga.

You can find more information here or here