Creative Workshops for Children

If the experiences of early childhood are the foundation for our whole life, it is our duty as caretakers of our children to give the necessary conditions for them to develop their full potentials. Our role is to allow children to experience life in a protected, healthy and creative way.

Art is the human capacity of expressing yourself, to experiment and to give form to ideas. It is connected to our deepest self. The manifestation of feelings and the path to return the attention to beauty is a wonderful exercise of expressing our natural right of expression.

This space is for children between the age of 5 to 15 years to give free expression to their creative origin. The weekly workshops give a broad range of possibilities to express yourself in a creative way. Next to dance, play or music a big focus lies in creative art expression with natural materials such as felting, dreamcatchers, nature mandalas or mobiles or creating your own ‘memory stones’.

The intention for these workshops is to bring children closer to nature and how we can use parts of nature in a unique creative process. To strengthen their self-confidence and creativity in a natural way, that they learn to express themselves in a free and creative way with a lasting memory of their beautiful art products.

We meet every Monday afternoon from 16.00-18.00
At the beautiful Centre Arend-Fixmer in the magnificant Mullerthal.

Sœurs de la Doctrine Chrétienne
33, rue de Larochette
L-7661 Medernach

If you are interested, that you and/or your children become part of this creative process please conact me here! /contact/