Drawing in Movement

The drawing in movement method creates the space for release, inner processes and deep relaxation. Visual materials and meditative movements are used to initiate these processes. Drawing movement is a form of guided self-research.
The exercises are aimed at developing awareness in the body and breath, as well as to give insights in ones own functioning on a non-judgmental artistic level. The exercises focus on the experience in the here and now.
Wonderful that such simple lines and forms can summon such clear emotions. You move, dance with the whole body and the crayon in your hands makes it visible.’
The interaction of material, image and movement brings about a connection between the internal and the external world. The methods works with 10 elementary forms, so called archetypal forms. These are: bowl, curve, circle, spiral, landscape and portrait lemniscate, horizontal, vertical and diagonal line and the sun. The origin of all these forms can be found in nature. These forms create the foundation of the movement while you are drawing the form on the paper hanging at the wall.

While moving, you can get connected with feelings or emotions, relive them and process some of them. Drawing movement is the method to make life energy visible and accessible, to recognize its own rhythm, move with it and in this way sense blockages and dissolve them. Both physical and emotional stress are set in motion and can be released by rhythmic repetition.

It has a positive effect on self -confidence since it is an abstract Art form with no visual goal. As a result, the original creative abilities can start flowing again.

We are working individually in small groups in a standing form. And we will be accompanied with soft meditative music to support the inner movement process.

The course is every Tuesday afternoon from 17.30- ca.19.30.
At the beautiful Centre Arend-Fixmer in the magnificant Mullerthal.

Sœurs de la Doctrine Chrétienne
33, rue de Larochette
L-7661 Medernach

If you are interested to be part of this creative process please contact me here! /contact/
To participate at the course you need to reserve your spot beforehand.