I welcome you with all my heart at 'LovetoLight'
The unfolding of consciousness through creativity, movement and bodywork and clear guidance.
Let the mystery of life carry you!

The world needs you right now...more than ever!

~To heal the world you need to start with yourself~

Are you ready to start your healing path with lightness, joy and an open heart?

Your healing process doesn't need to be hard and painful at all! It can be a journey full adventures, laughter, fun and fulfillment. Do you want to open yourself up to the deep wisdom that lays within you? 

Here is offer you the safe space as a lived experience into deep healing, true and lasting consciousness shifts to re-connect back to your essence, your purpose, Mother Earth and your deep rooted power of Self.


One part of our healing journey as a collective is to come back together in community. 
To come back together in a circle to listen and share from the heart.
To nourish authentic sister-  and brotherhood.
And to open up to our inner creative being, our freedom of expression, our inner fire and sexuality.

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I order to truly have the passion and energy to care for your beloved ones and the Earth you need to start with taking care of yourself!
Selfcare can be a very individual choice like reading a book, going for a walk, going to the gym, treating yourself with good cosmetics, sleeping in or a massage.

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Do you want to go a step deeper? Invest in personal transformation and liberation. Do you dare to show up fully and move step by step into your own wholeness?
Being gifted by the Universe with the ability to deeply feel into living beings and walking through many teachings of life, I want to share this wisdom with you!

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We are almost constantly holding ourselves back from embracing and 
embodying our full potential. When we dare to show up and be 
our true self magic can happen...instantly! All we need is to say 
'YES' to life, and be honest with ourselves and the mirrors we 
receive. If we deeply trust in the Mystery of the Universe and keep 
facing our true North our highest call of our Soul,  the Universe is
conspiring for us. Trust your path and let your Soul lead the way 
to return to a deep communion with Life itself. The moment we 
fully step into our Soul's purpose and take responsibility for Leadership 
we become a Vessel of Life itself. A Channel of  life-force, a deep 
intuitive wisdom; The Intelligence of Life. This is the one force that can 
guide us and our planet back into alignment.
We all carry this power within us, YOU AS WELL!
I am Franziska The Free
A Mediator of the Old and The New, a Leadership Mentor, a deep intuitive Soul, a soft Moher and yet a fiery wild Woman. I have a deep devotion to Life and I want to share this beautiful energy with you.

Your heart is made of gold and it is easy to see how you inspire a similar world to manifest around you.

Em, Urban Leaf Studio Luxembourg